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Art Consulting and Buying

Clients vary, needs are individual. The art buyer/consultant finds art works that fit the specific place or person. As buyer and curator for the Dreyfus Corporation, the Joy of Giving Something Foundation and for private collectors, in each case, the selection of art, the actual placement in corporate or residential spaces, plus the handling of payments and archives are parts of the successful collection.

  • Joy of Giving Something
  • Dreyfus Corporation
  • Private Collections
  • Banesto Foundation, Madrid
  • Carnegie Foundation
Michael Spano



Working as sole editor or co-editor, starting with an idea, researching and knowing the best images for the concept of a book, editing and sequencing, selecting an art director for the best page display and type, working with a publisher in every way to bring the book to the public.

  • Hope Photographs, Co-Editor, Thames and Hudson
  • 25 and Under/Photographers, WW. Norton and Center for Documentary Studies
  • Here is New York, A Democracy of Photographs, Co-Editor, Scalo
  • A New Life: Stories and Photographs from the Suburban South, Co-Editor, W.W. Norton and the Center for Documentary Studies
  • Flesh and Blood, Co-Editor, Picture Project
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Books must be edited and sequenced to bring out the best of the photographer, to convey the message he/she has been striving to create. This takes an ability to work with a photographer, to guide them to their best and intended book, to know the field of publishing, to understand the best possible format and audience for a book. It is diplomatic exercise as well and an editing and sequencing process.

  • Yard Sales, Adam Bartos
  • Fantasies, Lisa Kereszi
  • It’s Time, David Benjamin Sherry
  • Selected Correspondence, Walead Beshty
  • The New Antiquity, Tim Davis
  • Detroit Disassembled, Andrew Moore
  • Walking Parts, William Greenfield
  • Walking Through the World and Between Planting and Picking, Sandi Haber Fifield
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Publishing Consultant

Working with publishers to find the best possible projects for their imprint, to shape books that are artistically and commercially fulfilling for the publisher. Following publication, to work with publicity to promote the book.

  • Yard Sales, Adam Bartos
  • Fantasies, Lisa Kereszi
  • It’s Time, David Benjamin Sherry
  • The New Antiquity, Tim Davis
  • Detroit Disassembled, Andrew Moore
  • Seizure, Mark Wyse
  • Glass House, James Welling
  • After All, Laura Letinsky
  • Bill Owens, Bill Owens
  • Little Red Riding Hood, Maripol
  • Works 1975-2010, James Casebere
  • Stone Walls, Mariana Cook
  • Gidropark, Yelena Yemchuk
  • Ward 81 (reprint), Mary Ellen Mark
  • Portrait of an Artist, Elizabeth Peyton
  • I am Cuban, Helena de Bragonca
  • Upstairs, Downstairs and Outside, Jenny Gage and Tom Betterman
  • Mark Steinmetz, Neil Selkirk, Chan Chao, Mark Wyse, Stuart O’Sullivan, Tim Davis, Lisa Kereszi, Richard Rothman
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Magazines depend on visual enticement – whether it is for personalities or ideas. Those images must be photographed by the right photographer, they must be carefully edited and persuasively integrated into text without merely imaging the words. This takes vast knowledge of photographers and the ability to visualize concepts, plus to ability to work with text editors for the best editorial and visual results.

  • Time. Assistant Photo Editor
  • GEO. Photography Editor
  • Fortune. Photography Editor
  • DoubleTake. New York photography representative, then Editor
  • Details. Director of Photography
  • Granta. Photography Editor (six years) and Publisher (one year, in England)
  • Consulting (New York Times Sophisticated Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, Smart Magazine, Eco, US News and World Report, Mother Jones)
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Considering the exhibition space and the purpose of the exhibit – to reflect a book or to show photographs of a special subject or an idea -- the selection of images and the hanging of the show are the essential ingredients for a successful show. Loan forms, exhibition wall texts, publicity accompany each exhibition.

  • Here is New York, co-founder, world wide exhibition originating in NYC after Sept. 11, 2001
  • Hope Photographs, co-curator, traveling exhibit in US, originating in New York City
  • 25 and Under/Photographs, traveling exhibit in US, originating in New York city
  • French Photographers in America/American Photographers in France, French Cultural Embassy, New York
  • The Office/In and Out of the Box, co-curator
  • Four exhibits on contemporary Asian art at the Japan Society, New York, co curator

Academia and Mentoring

Teaching is a natural part of any professional. Knowledge must be passed on the next generation. It requires an ability to connect with students and to understand their needs and how best to help them fulfill their goals.

  • Limited Residency MFA Photography Program, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Parsons
  • International Center of Photography
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Studio Marangoni, Florence
  • Portfolio Review, Buenos Aires
  • Houston Fotofest
  • Photographic Resource Center, Boston


Here the needs are very much those of the client who is promoting or selling something. The work can be exciting in finding images that the typical “art buyer” would not find, in seeing the possibility in journalistic or art photography that are not obvious advertising vehicles.

  • Siegel and Gale
  • Cemex
  • Cheryl Heller
  • C Magazine
  • World Wildlife fund
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In running organizations or varying number of staff, a strong sense of purpose and organization, plus an understanding of the needs and goals of the institution are essential. Management skills, setting of professional standards and people-understanding are required.

  • Granta Magazine, Cambridge, England, Publisher
  • Magnum, New York, Director
  • Magazines: Time, GEO, Fortune, DoubleTake, Details, Granta